Surya adult spa

The sauna world for adults

Our spa hotel in Trentino is located in the unspoilt nature of the Val di Fiemme and offers a wonderful feeling of relaxation and the opportunity to devote oneself to one's own health. A sweaty sauna session reactivates the immune system, improves respiratory problems, dissolves muscle and joint tensions, and gives a new feeling of wellbeing.

The Surya adult spa is a quiet place for adults only.

Surya – Finnish panorama sauna

Our Finnish panorama sauna cam reach 80-90 °C, inducing a healthy perspiration. Humidity does not exceed 10-20% and is regulated by pouring on hot stones a mixture of water and balsamic essential oils, like pine or eucalyptus essence.

Surya bio sauna

In our bio sauna, the temperature does not exceed 50° C, has a higher humidity rate ranging from 65 to 70%. The steam may contain essential oils or aromatic herbs to increase its wholesome effects and induce a deeper sense of well-being.

Surya Turkish steam bath

Also known as wet sauna, it is a place saturated with water vapour, where the humidity is very high (from 90 to 100%). The temperature increases from the bottom to the top, varying between 30 °C and 50 °C. Transpiration is generally less intense than in the sauna, but longer sessions allow a greater loss of liquids.

Surya – roman sauna

The Roman sauna is a perfect alternative for those who do not like the heat of the traditional sauna. The temperature between 55 °C and 75 °C purifies and detoxifies the body.

Surya panoramic pool with whirlpool

Our Surya pool is an indoor and outdoor pool for adults only. The indoor pool is equipped with water jets and water massage jets, while the outdoor pool features  air massage jets. The temperature of the pool is 32 °C.

Relaxation oasis

Inside the Surya adult spa there are four different themed relaxation areas, all equipped with comfortable beds and soft loungers. Each has a special feature: cosy hay beds, a splendid panoramic view, the suspended beds in the relaxation area for couples, and the beneficial effects of the salt relaxation area. In the herbal tea area there is also a wide choice of infusions available to guests.