Spa treatments at Hotel Shandranj, in Trentino

Soothe your body and mind at the Chandra & Surya spa!

Spend a holiday in Trentino and discover the wide range of wellness and beauty treatments at Chandra & Surya, the spa of Active, Family & Wellness Hotel Shandranj. Our qualified spa team are always at hand to pamper your body and mind with top-quality skincare products and a choice of beauty treatments and massages.

Restore your inner harmony in the heart of the Dolomites.

Treat yourself to a 4-star spa experience at our hotel in Trentino and discover our range of beauty rituals and wellness treatments, administered with premium natural products. Choose your treatments and book them in advance to get an appointment at the time you prefer.

Body Rituals

Ritual for couples "Two Hearts and One Spa"
A cuddle for two. The ritual includes:
  • hydromassage with Essential Oils in a romantic wooden "Böttich"
  • toast & snack
  • relaxing body hydration with aromatic candle
ca. 75' € 160
Ritual "Relax and Vigor" - Hay bath in the Vitalis tub
Thanks to the freshly harvested mountain hay, combined with steam releasing the oils of more than thirty medicinal herbs, this treatment promotes blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and improves skin functions.  

The Hay Bath in the Vitalis tub is followed by a Partial Massage.
ca. 65' € 110
Resonanz Dorsalis
A combination of Alpine tradition and proven massage techniques from ancient cultures for an intensive programme dedicated to the Back. Restore harmony between body and spirit.

Back massage with Arnica oil, warm compresses and cupping for an incisive detoxifying action.
ca. 50' € 80
Tibetan Suggestions
An ancient art, it alleviates psychophysical discomfort thanks to the Energy of sound frequencies. Tibetan Bells are placed on the body and their vibration spreads rapidly, facilitating the dissolution of energy blocks.

The Ritual makes use of the Sound Energy emitted by the Tibetan Bells and the caressing manual skills of a Relaxing Massage.
ca. 50' € 80
Wellness Brushes
This ritual is performed with the help of special Brushes designed and developed for specific use on the face and body.

Brushing combined with Massage regenerates, relieves stress, relaxes the entire body and helps stimulate the body's vitality.
ca. 50' € 80

Face treatments

Luxury treatment
5-star detox and anti-ageing treatment created with exclusive active ingredients, skilful manoeuvres and massages that pamper and care for the skin of your face. Nothing is wasted, relaxation, beauty and attention to detail are the watchwords. ca. 80’ € 100

Ayurvedic Massages

Massage involving the Head and Shoulders, performed while seated. From the ancient Indian healing art, a valuable remedy for releasing muscular tensions located in the upper body area and for facilitating emotional and mental 40' € 55
A treatment that is a treasure trove: longevity, vigour and a state of lasting fulfilment. It promotes happiness on every level: physical, mental and 50' € 75

Classic Massages

(relaxing / decontracting / sporty / draining)   It offers the possibility to choose different techniques to meet the specific individual needs.
Partial ca. 20' € 35
Total ca. 40' € 55
Total ca. 50' € 70
Total ca. 70' € 85
Complete relaxation. The precious oils combine harmoniously with the beneficial energy of the lava stones for a total balance of the 50’ € 75
A velvety shea butter massage combined with aloe vera, almond, cocoa butter, or mango. To moisturise and nourish the 50’ € 70
Foot reflexology is a massage of ancient origins, it is part of  the traditional Chinese medicine. It is a technique that aims at the energetic rebalancing of the body and mind by means of a stimulation of the reflex points connected to every organ of the 40’ € 55

Emotional Massages

Combined with an Essential Oil, the Massage amplifies its power and is enriched with the many benefits of its precious properties. Its powerful evocative magic is an extraordinary means of reconnecting and releasing repressed 50’ € 85
It is the King of Massages. Slow, enveloping manoeuvres that pamper the body and relax the spirit.
ca. 50' € 75
Extended Version ca. 70' € 85
In the Bali language, 'Kebahagiaan' means 'happiness'. This is the essence that permeates the wise combination of light touches, acupressure and joint mobilisations with stimulating action on the lymphatic and cardiovascular 65' € 80
To treat oneself to a Hawaiian Massage is to welcome within oneself a change that requires the abandonment of all resistance and prejudice. A ritual inspired by water, its embrace and its vitality.
ca. 65' € 85
Inspired by the hypnotic rituals of the Shamans, this massage enraptures with rhythmic and rhythmic manual movements, accompanying the discovery of ancestral 50' € 75

Thai Fusion Massages

Called 'passive yoga', it is an Art that is expressed through stretching, acupressure and elongation: the body regains its elasticity and natural vigour. It is performed clothed on a futon on the floor.
ca. 50' € 75
Extended Version ca. 85' € 110
The Foot is the root with which we are connected to the Earth and from which we receive its energy. By stimulating the reflex points and opening the energy channels, the beneficial action of this treatment spreads to the whole body, inducing a pleasant sense of lightness and global fulfilment.
ca. 55' € 75
+ plantar reflexology ca. 70' € 90
Thai Massage with Herbal Pouches uses heat and pressure to bring immediate relief to tense muscles and deep relaxation on a physical and mental 40' € 70
The 'Tok' is a wooden instrument with which light percussion is exerted on the body. The energising effect of the vibrations, together with the manual action, spreads through the muscles, facilitating the release of 50' € 70
Performed with bamboo reeds, it stimulates the deepest subcutaneous tissues and thus also reaches deep-rooted muscle tensions. It has a remarkable toning and decontracting 65' € 90

Massages Mom and Baby

This massage, aimed at the well-being of the little ones, helps prepare the body for a good night’s rest and boosts the immune system.
ca. 40’ € 55

This relaxing massage, aimed at pregnant women, promotes blood circulation and brings relief to legs, back, and sciatic 50’ € 70

Spa packages

Freedom package 4
Treat yourself to four highly customisable treatments of your choice, lasting 50' each.   The package is available for one person only.€ 260
Luxury Face & Foot
A package designed to bring beauty and well-being to the two extremities of the body: face and feet. The package includes:

  • 1 Luxury detox/antiage facial treatment
  • 1 facial massage
  • 1 foot massage
€ 199
Larch Wellbeing
The Larch is a symbol of rebirth, light and goodness and has long been revered by the Nordic peoples for its supposedly connecting properties with Cosmic Spirituality.

A precious package inspired by ancient Nordic traditions and including:
  • 1 Bath in a wooden böttich with Larch Essential Oil
  • 1 Relaxation Massage combined with Tibetan Bells to harmonise Body and Mind
€ 90
Fir Tree Wellbeing
The fir tree, king of the forests in Val di Fiemme, is an evergreen and therefore symbolises Hope and Confidence, Life as the prevailing force.

Let yourself be enveloped in the benevolent energy of the fir tree with this special package including:
  • 1 Bath in a wooden böttich with Essential Spruce Oil
  • 1 Essential Relax Massage
€ 90
Stone Pine Wellbeing
The ancient Latins called the Stone Pine 'Pinus Cembra', the 'Queen of the Alps'. Recent studies have shown that the Stone Pine has positive effects on psychophysical wellbeing and human health, including a noticeable improvement in sleep and blood circulation.

You too can benefit from the properties of this admirable tree and treat yourself to a package including:
  • 1 Wooden böttich bath with Cyrmol Essential Oil
  • 1 Velvety Candle Massage

€ 90
Back Wellbeing
An authentic mountain experience that maximises the benefits of an ancient traditional treatment, divided into two phases:

Day 1
  • Steam hay bath in the Vitalis tub
  • Back and neck decontracting massage with Arnica balm

Day 2
  • Resonanz Dorsalis massage
€ 139
In a Spa with your Besties
A special package of pure wellness, relaxation and fun together with Your Besties: 110 minutes to treat yourself with treatments of your choice.€ 99
Pure Detox
Our body is subjected to various types of stress: environmental, dietary, physical and emotional, all of which contribute to intoxication. Detoxifying the Body and Mind is extremely important to restore proper physiological and mental functions.

This package is designed to facilitate the elimination of toxins and revitalise the entire body and includes:
  • 1 total body treatment with cupping
  • 1 detox facial treatment
  • 1 personalised total body massage
  • 1 personalised partial massage

€ 219