Discover the saunas of our hotel in Trentino

Experience a soothing sense of total well-being

Our hotel in Trentino offers a thermal suite featuring two different types of sauna. Both sauna cabins have wooden interiors to provide a sense of continuum with the natural landscape of the Val di Fiemme valley. Here in the Dolomites, saunas are part of a wellness ritual – a marvellous opportunity to relax and take care of your health. A sauna session promotes mental and physical balance by boosting the immune system, soothing the airways, easing muscle tension and relieving joint pain.

Our two saunas:

  • The Finnish sauna, where the temperature can reach 80-90°C, induces a healthy perspiration. Humidity does not exceed 10-20% and is regulated by pouring on hot stones a mixture of water and balsamic essential oils, like pine or eucalyptus essence
  • The bio sauna, where temperature does not exceed 50°C, has a higher humidity rate ranging from 65 to 70%. The steam may contain essential oils or aromatic herbs to increase its wholesome effects and induce a deeper sense of well-being